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Asya Sports Club (Gaziantep Sports Club Association), which continues its activities at home and abroad based in Gaziantep, was established in 2021 specifically for the purpose of bringing athletes to national teams from Antep Region.

Asya Spor, which aims to bring football to a wider audience and at the same time supports efforts to reduce gender discrimination both in the stands and on the field, plans to provide success in the international arena by recruiting players to national teams.

Asya Sports Club, which is preparing to make a difference in women's football and achieve success with its athletes, is taking action with the mission of “We make girls wear jerseys instead of wedding dresses” by taking to the green field with the sponsorship of Doğuş Gold in the 2021-2022 season.

Asya Sports Club will act with the motive of helping its athletes in their personal development by making education and training a priority and preparing girls for life in a stronger, self-confident way.

Asya Spor

Our Purpose

Asya Sports Club's mission is to provide sports and physical education to girls in the Gaziantep region to make them strong, successful individuals.


Asya Sports Club is preparing to achieve great success at home and abroad by creating a successful momentum in every branch of sports. Regionally, it continues to work without slowing down with its professional staff for the education of girls and their empowerment with sports.


Doğuş Gold, a prestigious and strong brand in the gold sector, became the main sponsor of Asya Sports Club for the 2021-2022 season.

Doğuş Gold, which continues to work on the development of the East and Southeast Region, also continues to increase its investments in the region, as well as taking solid steps to provide girls and women with professions.

With the mission of "We dress our girls in jerseys instead of wedding dresses", Doğuş Gold aims to ensure that athletes who have gained their economic freedom and are successful in their professions start life with a 1-0 victory.

Doğuş Gold, which is no longer on the sidelines as a spectator, but continues to work on the field itself, will continue to progress by increasing its social responsibility and sponsorships in the fields of education and vocational training.

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